As of August 22, 2016 (new content added September 15, 2016) we have begun the task of adding detailed historical information pertaining to Appomattox County to our website for anyone to use in their personal research.  Our library and genealogy center is now open to the public for anyone able to visit us at our Old Jail Museum building.  Over time we will be adding new information as well as updating existing information, so check back with us often if you are searching for family members that were in our county. Also, feel free to drop us a note at with any feedback or suggestions you may have.  We are doing this for you and would appreciate any input on how we can better serve your needs.  Please do have patience with us though as we have only a small volunteer staff working on this project. Link to Records Appomattox County, Virginia, was established in 1845 from parts of Buckingham County, Campbell County, Charlotte County and Prince Edward County. Petitions to form the new county were presented to the Viginia Lesgislature beginning in 1825 and continuing until the County was established on May 1, 1845. Full text of the Act of the Virginia Legislature The Town of Appomattox was formed on June 2, 1925.  The Town Charter was recorded in the County Clerk’s Office, Law Order Book No. 3, pages 19-25. Full text of Town Charter
Appomattox County Historical Society
Early 1900’s view of Main Street, Appomattox, looking east (click to enlarge).